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Pote’s Corner December 2018

From Lady Pam and I, many thanks to all the nobility for the honor bestowed upon us to serve as YOUR Potentate for the year of 2018. With the help of everyone we accomplished many of my personal milestones, unfortunately membership wasn’t one of them, but you can’t win them all. So what did we get done? Top on the list was Video-conferencing with our Eastern Idaho and Twin Falls Nobles, many thanks to the Tech Club for setting it all up. Our Spring Ceremonial turned into a Spring Cold Sands Ceremony which consisted of all the trimmings except the games. The Banquet was quite a change, the Black Light Patrol built the arches, the Candidates were fezzed and then the fun began. Jimmy Buffett set the tone, Palm Trees, Island dress, a Low Country Boil, all followed by music and dancing. Moving the Circus out of Century Link Arena to the Idaho Center was a major accomplishment, what was a logistics nightmare at Century Link, became a piece of cake at the Idaho Center. Lastly was bringing back the Honored Ladies Luncheon, they are our legacy, lots of stories and visiting with dear friends set the tone. That’s about it, thanks to all who helped make it happen.
November was pretty relaxed, Honored Ladies Luncheon was a home run, step-up meeting went pretty long, G.R. and I ended up buying drinks for the Nobles that suffered through it. Finally, the E-W Game at Thunder Stadium, a bit damp but a hardy crowd that weathered the storm, once again West prevailed.    
Coming up in December:
December 2nd -  The All Masonic Christmas Party, this is a great opportunity to show off our Temple, please join us, we always need help moving food and answering questions about our fraternity, Bring Your Fez!
December 12th – Stated meeting/ election of officers for 2019: Social at 6, dinner at 6:30, meeting at 7:30.
January 5th – Installation of El Korah’s 2019 Officers!
That’s All Folks!
Nobles, Dazzle is languishing away in the Circus Office and his chariot is gathering dust in my machine shed, someone please step up and rescue him.  
See you all at the Temple!
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the year ahead!
Yours in the Faith,
David E. Thomas, Potentate 2018 and First Lady Pam



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