Clubs & Units


Caldwell Shrine Club

Meets: 4th Wednesday

Vice President:

Gold Rush Shrine Club

Meets: 2nd Sunday in Apr, Jun, Sep, Oct

Reservations are a must!
President: Ric Bobier
Vice Pres: Anthony Patterson
Secretary: Dale Rutter
Treasurer: Nyal Pedersen

High Country Sidewinders

Meets: 3rd Tuesday

President: Gary Munson
Vice-Pres: Tim Holden
Secretary: Dan Davis
Treasurer: Steve Bate


Meets: 4th Thursday in Jan and Oct

Trail Boss: Jim Voyles
Asst Tail Boss: Ron Bishop
Scout (Sec/Treas): Warren Hill

Snake River Shrine Club (Al Kader Shrine)

Meets: Last Monday, Even months are Ladies

President: Randy Watts
Vice-Pres: Lloyd Thurman
Sec/Treas: Dave Thomas

Twin Falls Shrine Club

Meets: 2nd Monday

President: Kris Karney
Vice-Pres: Laird Stone
Secretary: Bob Cannon
Treasurer: Rick Rowe


Black Light Patrol

Meets: 4th Monday except May (Dec is 3rd Monday)

President: Mischa Brady
Vice Pres: Ric Bobier
Sec/Treas: Jim Leichliter
Crab Feed Chair: Bob Julian


Meets: 3rd Tuesday

President: Rod Burke
Vice President: Ray Westmoreland
Secretary/Treasurer: Jason Morals
Keeper Of The Pile: Ray Westmoreland

El Korah Clowns

Meets: 3d Monday after Payette Shrine Club

President: Rodger Hood
Vice-Pres: Gary Dentinger
Sec/Treas: Lloyd Thurman


Meets: 1st Friday

President: Dave Triplett
Vice-Pres: Bob Martin
Secretary/Treasurer: Clarence Jones


Meets: 1st Friday

President: Wayne White
Vice-Pres: Dick Swift
Secretary: Jack Gardner
Treasurer: Gary Betts
Ceremonial Director: Rodney Horn

Legion of Honor

Meets: Jan, Apr, Oct

Commander: Bruce Drewes
1st Lt. Commander: Dale Rutter
2nd Lt Commander: Mischa Brady
Adjutant: Dave Bennett
Finance Officer: Ed Hulme

Provost Guard

Meets: 1st Wednesday

President: Justin Boyer
Vice-Pres: Bob Carleton
Secretary: John Kinney
Treasurer: Wayne Foster

Sand Duners

Meets: 3rd Tuesday

President: Ray Breshears
Vice-Pres: Jake Matthews
Secretary: Adam Vieti
Treasurer: Mike Cunningham
Parade Master: Garland Risner/Chris Burgess
Screening Clinic: To be announced

Tin Lizzies

Meets: 1st Tuesday

President: Rich Sykes
Vice-Pres: Ray Liercke
Secretary: Mike Keas
Treasurer: Ron Harris
Drill Master: Jay Leonard
Sergeant At Arms: Johnny Willis